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County Criminal

Direct to Courthouse searches of Felony & Misdemeanor courts


We offer background criminal search on a County level. In addition, we tend to specific cases. For example, if a 1987 felony is on file from the client, we will be able to go through the court to confirm the status and verify. If needed, we can also perform felony only and/or misdemeanor only searches, which includes solely that specific level of reporting.


We provide a mosaic network of professional record abstractors that incorporates both employees and independent contractors. This network extends across the state of Texas and 40% of all counties in the united states. We emphasize our core principles across every new arena we enter, and we commit to expedient customer satisfaction.


We provide a County Criminal, Statewide Criminal, and Federal Criminal searches. Our Statewide Criminal searches cover all states. We cover any and all Federal Criminal searches.

Project Info

  • Client | County Criminal
  • Date | 1/28/2014
  • Category | County Criminal

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