We currently utilize these platform vendors for managing and processing our work practices. With flexible customer services and available integrations, we are able to streamline our work efficiently and accurately.

Want to know more?


1. Do you do exact name match only?
a. We offer a comprehensive matching customized to the requests of our clients using either Name, DOB, SSN, or Addresses.

2. Do you offer different levels of services?
a. We offer mostly a county criminal search for 10 years, however, we do offer customized search practices at the request of our clients. We are able to accommodate most requests.

3. When can expect my results/ report?
a. Our standard ten year search has a return time frame of 24-72 hours.

4. Where does your data come from?
a. Our data comes directly from county and district courthouses.

5. How “fresh” is your data?
a. Our data is direct and, therefore, up-to-date, even with changing court policies.

6. Why is your service different from a Database?
a. Quick Courtlinks provides wholesale, closest to the courts, hands-on data with accuracy, communication, and a fast turnaround at a fair price. 

7. What is the length of history covered in a particular county?
a. In every county, we provide a standard ten year search, but will report felonies that are readily available.

8. Why should I choose Quick Courtlinks?
a. Our highly experienced professional staff is dedicated to providing data integrity and security in their work practices. Our wholesale information is taken directly from the courts, which creates a report with no room for errors. Along with our own company’s low turnover rate, we value positive company growth. For a quality solution for the background search, contact us at wsmalley@quickcourtlinks.net.

9. How much industry experience do the researchers at Quick Courtlinks provide?

a. Our employees are pre-screened and trained on how to securely handle sensitive information, and are required to maintain an above average accuracy ratio (98% or higher). Additionally, our staff has experience, which averages to about 17.6 years.

10. What other companies does Quick Courtlinks do business with?

a. Our clients consist of credit reporting agencies, wholesale background screeners, private investigators, realty companies, and investment firms. Our clientele are companies that our looking for accurate and expeditious service for their needs, with a customized approach to customer service.

11. How integrated are your services?

a. We are dedicated to providing the most up to date security protocols in our work practices. We engage in constant augmentation of our security protocols and feel it is necessary to provide our customers with peace of mind. Our services remain consistent, but we are also constantly on the forefront of data integrity and security.